Johannes Lachner

Robotics and Computational Neuroscience

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Welcome to my world of robotics!

I'm Johannes, a postdoctoral researcher in the MIT-Novo Nordisk Artificial Intelligence Postdoctoral Fellows Program working with Prof. Neville Hogan and Prof. Mehrdad Jazayeri at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

I aim to assist individuals with chronic neurological disorders in regaining their ability to participate in daily activities.

My long-term interest lies in understanding the balance between neural commands and biomechanics in our movements. Through artificial neural networks, stochastic processes, and Differential Geometry (Information Geometry), I strive to identify the most effective geometric tools for analyzing neural control and to develop innovative rehabilitation technologies, including brain-machine interfaces and therapeutic robots. A particular focus of mine is on robot-assisted rehabilitation for post-stroke patient therapy.

I investigate how humans—despite computational limitations—achieve astonishing performance in interacting with the environment. We hypothesize that humans utilize motor primitives to streamline physical interactions, a principle that can also enhance robot control.